There is room to create more parking in Sale

There is room to create more parking in Sale


WITH reference to of Bob Hammill's letter, I agree that finding a park in Raymond St is horrendous - but I disagree with his statement that you can't create any more.

Several years ago there used to be four disabled parking bays at the northern end, two outside Cheap As Chips and two outside Umart.

Council disposed of two and created a walkway from one side to the other.

I am not au fait with regulations, but these walkways seem extraordinarily wide for the amount of actual walkway provided and, from by observations, not many people use them - preferring to walk between cars and cross closer to where they are shopping.

I did a quick approximate count of available parking in both north and south Raymond St. I did not include any parking in the shared section in the middle.

On the southern end of Raymond St, from Macalister to Cunninghame, there are 81 parking places, including five disabled bays and one loading bay.

On the northern end, between Macarthur and Cunninghame Sts, there are 77 parking spaces, including only two disabled bays and two large loading bays.

Maybe the people shopping in the northern area are not as disabled as those shopping in the south.

My thought was to do away with the two loading bays on the northern end and create more passenger vehicle parking.

These loading bays are very much under-used and, with cars circling like sharks looking for parks, could be much better utilised.

From my observations, all the shops serviced by these loading bays have access at the rear.

Why can't deliveries be made to the back of these shops and more customer parking be provided?

The loading bay outside the former Crown Hotel in Sale (the 'black pub') was understandable because kegs would be delivered straight to the cellar, but the business now in this establishment doesn't even have an entry off Raymond St.

The northern end of Raymond St is woefully short of disabled parking The whole area is woefully short of any type of parking, but I believe my idea would create half a dozen, maybe more, new parking spaces where they are desperately needed.


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