Newer estates will bring future problems

Newer estates will bring future problems


JUST recently I was driving around one of Wellington Shire's newer housing estates.

Hundreds of houses, a tiny kids' playground and one open space, obviously flood prone, out near the entrance.

Moving onto another housing estate, it was much the same.

Hundreds of houses, all built close together and a 'wetlands' which is little more than an open drain with bulrushes and about 10 square metres of open water.

These estates are typical of those springing up around the shire.

For those with young families, the new estates are probably ideal, but in 10 years' time, they'll be a disaster.

With no facilities or parks to play and burn off excess energy, teenagers in these estates will have nothing more to do than roam the streets and become involved in petty crime.

A few years later, when those same teenagers buy their first car, most houses will have cars and possibly a caravan parked on the front lawn.

That's poor town planning, and those involved (past and present) should hang their head in shame.

As I've said in previous letters, I think those involved in the approval processes for the estates have raised the white flag to developers.

They've given them everything they've asked for, and asked nothing in return.

It hardly seems fair.

Council gets conned, developers and estate agents line their pockets with silver, but residents in those estates pay the price in the years to come.


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