Concerns over pool, parking and wasps

Concerns over pool, parking and wasps


SEVERAL times recently I have seen Wellington Shire Council surveys seeking our voices for future direction.

There's talk of turning the Port of Sale into a tourist mecca.

Let's hope those same tourists don't visit our local indoor pool. It is a disgrace.

The edging has been siliconed in more than once and is still wobbly.

Recently there was a pile of tiles (loose) on the floor of the middle lane. Actually there's always loose tiles at the bottom of the pool.

The benefits of a pool to society are immense - fitness, rehab, family fun, sport and competition and education.

Why is this not a priority for council?

There is also a wasp invasion in the area. The wasps are also in our roof cavity. They're in the wall of the house behind us. They're everywhere.

Then there's the car parks.

We are a rural community. People drive large vehicles.

Several times recently I have had to get to my driver's seat via the passenger door because I'm blocked in by the car next to me.

And it's not always the driver's fault. It's often the car parks designed for matchbox cars.

I keep thinking about updating my car, but I'm sticking to the old gas guzzler because it's already full of dints from neighbouring car doors because of car parks that are too small for today's average vehicle.

Council, if you care about your constituents, forget the fanciful tourist mecca, forget the surveys, think about the health and wellbeing of our community in its current state.

Update the crumbling facilities you already have, save us from the wasps, and for goodness sake build bigger car parks.

Editor's note: Wellington Shire Council currently has a plan to upgrade Aqua Energy.


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