Don't forget about boys in sport

Don't forget about boys in sport


IN the days of gender equality, have we forgotten about the male gender?

I have been searching for funding or a grant to help my 13-year-old son in his chosen sport.

The club he belongs to offers him four hours of training a week, while the girls at his age and level are offered 8.5 hours a week.

As he is the only boy training at his level, understandably the club cannot see financial viability in coaching one-on-one, and combining him with the girls seems too difficult.

Hence why I am looking for funding.

I don't want him to regress in his skills. When speaking to Sports and Recreation Victoria about available grants, they informed me that there was a grant that could suit called 'Gender Equality in Victorian Sport and Recreation Pilot Program'.

Looking further into the selection for this, we found my son not eligible.

Why? He is a boy.


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