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Anger at Sale home break-in ‘scum’

We were unfortunate to have our house robbed and violated on Monday, August 20.

Alternative Power scenario is offered 

I read with some concern the publicity of the Gippsland Power 20 year reunion and would like to point out that the TAC Cup is a business and Gippsland Power is a part of that business; it is not a football club.

Grateful for help after collision with kangaroo

Travelling home from work on Tuesday evening I managed to damage my car when a huge kangaroo bounded out from the bushes.

Hall parking claim is not correct

ON page one (Gippsland Times 17/8), the secretary of Seaspray Recreation committee of management Di Teo stated that the committee had created more space for parking than there had ever been in the history of the Seaspray Hall.

Appreciative of specialist school support

Sincere thanks to the many people of Sale and the wider Wellington Shire for your interest and support of Sale’s Specialist School.

I don’t want a smart meter either

 I write in support of Mrs Allitt's letter last week headed "We don't want or need smart meters" (Gippsland Times 21/8). We are told that we have no choice. Well, we do have a choice.

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