“I was on the phone”

POLICE were astounded when they intercepted an L-plater for running a red light on Sunday night.

The excuse?

“I was on my mobile phone.”

The unsupervised teenage driver, from Bacchus Marsh, was caught by police in Sale after he ran a red arrow at the Macalister and York St lights.

Police issued the driver with fines for using his phone and running a red light, and told him he wasn’t to continue driving without a supervising driver — only to again intercept him minutes later in Sale.

Police then confiscated his car keys.

ALMOST 70 drivers were fined for mobile phone and seat belt offences during a police operation in the Sale CBD earlier this year.

Operating between December and February, Operation Stop First focused purely on drivers in the CBD between 1pm and 5pm on weekdays.

During the operation, 37 drivers were nabbed for using their mobile phones while driving, 32 for not wearing seatbelts, five for driving unregistered vehicles, two for driving unlicensed and one for drink driving.

Police reminded locals that mobile phone use while driving extended to also checking a text message.

“The use of a mobile phone while driving is any use of it at all — you could be playing a game for all it matters, it still counts,” he explained.

“If it’s in your hand and you’re physically using it — even just unlocking it — it qualifies as using your phone while driving.”

DETECTIVES are investigating the theft of several laptops from Sale 545 Primary School at the weekend.

Police said offenders gained entry to the school via an unlocked window and made off with several laptop computers about 11pm on Sunday night.

Anyone with information is asked to phone Wellington Crime Investigation Unit on 5143 5000.