Council saves Sale’s business association

WELLINGTON Shire Council has stepped in to fill the void created by the loss of Sale Community Business Association’s long serving president Nick Morelli and foundation secretary Jim Pennell.

It will appoint a part time project officer to reduce the workload of a newly elected association secretary.

Mr Morelli, who has served as president for 10 years, and Mr Pennell, who was foundation secretary of the association in 1996, intimated a change of leadership two years ago with the cancellation of last year’s Christmas parade proving the catalyst for the pair to “pull the pin.”

“It was embarrassing, frustrating, and probably the catalyst for us to say it is time for new people,” Mr Morelli said.

“It has been an honour and a privilege, frustrating at times, but I have enjoyed it and feel honoured to have been given the responsibility. I believe Sale has a bright future.”

At its June meeting the current committee of the SCBA passed two motions to pave the way for the future and encourage new membership, with Wellington Shire Council senior economic officer Ian Campbell leading a membership drive.

Council will host the SCBA annual general meeting, with a general meeting to follow which will determine where the association focuses its energies and resources into the future. Agenda topics will include parking, future membership fees, potential projects and marketing.

A part time project officer will be engaged to lessen the workload of the new secretary, with an introductory membership fee of $99 introduced.

Wellington Shire Council chief executive David Morcom said council would host the meeting as it valued business associations, tourism associations and chambers of commerce.

“These organisations represent a great opportunity for businesses to communicate with each other and with council about local issues and priorities,” he said.

“We want the Sale Community Business Association to be strong and representative of local businesses.

“Council’s senior economic development officer (Ian Campbell) has commenced visiting local businesses with an invitation to join Sale Community Business Association and attend the meeting which I am delighted to have been invited to open.”

Businesses interested in attending the meeting or joining the SCBA can email Ian Campbell at, or phone outgoing secretary Jim Pennell on 5144 3330 for more information.