Appreciative of specialist school support

From Elaine Fiddelaers and Pam Stevens, For Sale Specialist School Council and New School Parent Action Group:

Sincere thanks to the many people of Sale and the wider Wellington Shire for your interest and support of Sale’s Specialist School.

To the businesses who displayed our petitions, to the 1700 plus persons who signed — we will continue with it until the end of September, the Gippsland Times for featuring our crisis, the local ABC radio for airing our views, the Wellington Shire Council for supporting our need and application for the sitting of a new school and the many health care providers who have acknowledged our students necessity for better learning conditions.

Please accept this as our humble and very grateful thanks. 

You have certainly demonstrated that this is first and foremost a community issue.

Be assured we will inform you when we have anything positive to report.

 At this point in time a site on Grassland Lane is a possible site for our new school if the Education Department is prepared to pay.

A buyer could be interested in our Raymond St site and that sale could easily be put towards our costs to establish on Grassdale Lane, leaving the education department not much out of pocket.

However we are told that the process is much more complicated than that.

We must remember we are part of a system.