Grateful for help after collision with kangaroo

TRAVELLING home from work on Tuesday evening I managed to damage my car when a huge kangaroo bounded out from the bushes.

As my car ground to a halt and the steam poured out from the engine, I pondered the fact that I was stranded on the road, in the dark and with no means of getting home.

Fortunately I wasn’t suffering like the kangaroo as I had no injuries, but the experience was far from pleasant. 

What I wish to report is the wonderful support that was offered to me by other drivers.

 Straight away a young couple stopped to offer assistance and to enquire about how I was feeling.

When the second car pulled over the kangaroo was removed from the middle of the road and additional words of comfort offered. 

As several cars stopped to offer support a ranger turned around and stayed with me until a family member arrived to take me home. 

Thank you to these people, total strangers who went out of their way to support and assist.

 It renews my faith in people after we constantly read and view negative stories.