Hall parking claim is not correct

ON page one (Gippsland Times 17/8), the secretary of Seaspray Recreation committee of management Di Teo stated that the committee had created more space for parking than there had ever been in the history of the Seaspray Hall.

This has to be the most silly statements ever made.

Just one example from time saw countless trucks and horse floats, plus many cars attending the annual New Years’ Day carnival on Seaspray Rec year after year.

That intrusive fence is restrictive towards the variety in disabled parking needs. 

Of course the space for car parking generally has been made very limited as well.

As stated, the hall is the centre point of a district — as is so in Seapray. 

Who can say what is in the future for Seaspray?

 It certainly should not be leg-roped as it is now by this dominating fence.

The facilities of Seaspray should be orientated to the needs of everyone, not just planned for one select group.