I don’t want a smart meter either

I write in support of Mrs Allitt’s letter headed “We don’t want or need smart meters” (Gippsland Times 21/8). We are told that we have no choice. Well, we do have a choice. This is Australia, not Syria. You can object on the grounds of health issues and property risk of damage due to the installation of these smart meters. I have never been consulted as to whether I need or want a new meter, at a cost to me. I would like to know who is making an absolute fortune out of this stupid, half-baked program.  This is just another “government home insulation” situation. It is not really well thought out and has high risk to health and property, which has been well documented. You can object and there are many websites that will give you good direction. Just Google “smart meter objections” or go to www.nosmartmeters.org .I will certainly be placing a notice on my switchboard, which is a good place to register your refusal. There are good examples on the web sites.