Anger at Sale home break-in ‘scum’

The word scum in the English Dictionary means impure or waste matter, worthless people; I feel this describes the three people I write about. 

We were unfortunate to have our house robbed and violated on Monday, August 20.

The three scum that were involved broke through our kitchen window, which did set our alarm off. They ripped the control box off the wall and climbed up the man hole and ripped the siren out of the roof. 

After silencing the alarm, they proceeded to go through our house at their leisure knowing we were both at work as they are some of our regular customers. It is amazing how thorough these people are, how everything, no matter how small, has been checked for any worth. 

Unfortunately they found my wife’s late mother’s jewellery plus hers also, which they loaded into a back pack which they also stole.

They took all the loose coin bowls and cash which most houses have, but unfortunately while doing this found the key to my gun safe that held no guns, but held all my cameras and lenses.

After reporting the robbery to 000, we had a visit from Maffra police as Sale police were overloaded with jobs, which proves again how under manned the police force is.

Within 24 hours they had arrested and charged the three scum and my wife had received some of her mother’s jewellery back, with a couple of detectives on the receiving end of hugs, as these items are irreplaceable. 

We also received the back pack and a small amount of coins back and some other jewellery.

There was still a lot missing, but some is better than nothing.

What really gets to you, this scum is so full of themselves and have no morals, they came into our business after they had been charged and released, and before we knew who had done it, wearing my son’s sunglasses.

I can confidently say they will only make one more visit to our businesses, and I will inform them they will not be welcome again.

I would strongly recommend that everyone takes a photo of everything they hold valuable in their possessions, whether it’s a ring, camera, vase or iPod.

 Write down the serial numbers and make — this makes life a lot easier for police and insurance assessors. 

An alarm system that is monitored by your phone or other means is also recommended, as one that just makes a noise but goes nowhere can be silenced quickly.

 Even simple things like a piece of dowel in sliding windows tracks can mean the difference between getting robbed or not.

As long as we have these scum in society, unfortunately honest and hardworking people have to work to protect ourselves.

I cannot name the three scum involved in my incident,  but understand the same ones have been involved in many other incidents around town.

If you would like a description of them and who they are, in case you see them in your area, just ask us and we will pass this information onto you gladly.