Eight needed to plant a single tree?

It was interesting to read the front page headline (Gippsland Times 11/9) headed ‘Cuts flagged following $4.8m super bill’.

For what it’s worth, the new (replacement) tree (pictured above) in Powerscourt St, Maffra, was planted on the morning of September 6, 2012. 

The photo was taken at 1.59pm.

In attendance for the ‘planting’ were two council vehicles, one a fully equipped and late model four wheel drive. 

The second was a light truck, equipped with, amongst other items, a ‘nice to have’ lifting crane.

Also in attendance were eight — yes eight — council workers.

It has to be said that a private enterprise, be it in the business of replacing trees on nature strips or whatever, certainly could not afford to send two vehicles and eight men to carry out this task.

 This to me is purely and blatantly, a waste of ratepayers’ money.