Writer has little to offer as alternatives

The hatred against God and religion expressed by Graeme Horne (Gippsland Times 2/10) was so over the top that most will ignore it, but needs a response. 

To argue that the closure of a Church in Dargo is a small step in the dispatch of religion from our lives, is grasping at straws. 

His main target, the Catholic Church, has existed since it was established by Jesus, the Son of God, more than 2000 years ago. 

It has inspired millions to live good and decent lives because of the promise that if we obey the Ten Commandments, love God and our neighbour, have tried our best to know, love, and serve God during our life on earth, then we will be welcomed by God into the paradise he has prepared for us for all eternity.

 What does Graeme Horne have to offer? 

Jesus promised that His Church would last to the end of the world. 

Over those many centuries, enemies, both without and within, have tried to destroy it without success. 

Yes. He is right.

Many of us have sinned, including priests, but that does not mean that the Church is wrong. 

It means that we do not live as the Church proposes.

 The fact that many footballers are suspended because they breached the rules does not mean that football is a bad game, just as the fact that because many Catholics do the wrong thing does not make the Church bad. 

What can Graeme Horne offer? 

His comment that should religion disappear, then people would be “Free are you to practice your sexual preference without censure or humiliation,” seems to suggest that they would be free to adopt whatever lifestyle they prefer. 

He conveniently ignores the fact that it is not Christians who are pushing to change laws and lifestyles that are based on the Ten Commandments and have served society for centuries, but those who wish to bring anarchy and chaos into our lives. 

He does not offer any moral guide by which we can all live in harmony and peace, except that people should be free to do whatever they please. 

His comment that people who believe in God will have to practice their faith “in the privacy of their own home,” mirrors the past century where dictators such as Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse-tung, and so on, suppressed, not only religion, but any other freedom they chose. 

They led some of the most brutal regimes the world has seen.

It has been said that freedom gives us the right to do what we ought, not what we want.

 At least people of religion has fixed and firm guidelines by which they know the right thing to do. 

That is far more than non-believers can say.