Euthanasia: who makes the decision? 

From John Cooney, Cowwarr:

GRAEME Horne’s letter to the editor (Gippsland Times 16/10) wields a very broad brush in his treatment of life and death issues. 

He advocates granting equal rights to homosexuals. 

And then makes a plea to “let the killing begin” for others. 

With the state government’s horrendous tolerance of late term abortions, the killing has well and truly begun.

 Graeme is dismayed by our capacity to keep ourselves alive. 

While he does not elaborate on which “His Holiness” decides that “we should sustain life at any appalling cost”.

 The position of the Catholic Church is very clear.

“Discontinuing medical procedures that are burdensome, dangerous, extraordinary or disproportionate to the expected outcome can be legitimate;  it is the refusal of ‘over-zealous’ treatment.”

 The obvious difficulty with “letting the killing begin” is who decides?   

The recent London Paralympics showed the capacity of the human spirit to rise above seemingly daunting disabilities.   

Indeed, the games were opened by a world famous genius who was bound to a wheel chair and spoke only with the aid of a computer.   

 Attempts to achieve an improved quality of life have a long and often tragic history. 

In contemporary times the eugenic movement was re-ignited in the United States, then adopted enthusiastically by Nazi Germany.

The initial abortion mentality developed inexorably to include many others deemed less than perfect;  including homosexuals.