Work going on in Aboriginal ministry

Some recent letters have made false comments about the ministry of the Anglican Church in Gippsland and especially the Bishop.

While I do not wish to address all issues raised, I write to correct comments made about Aboriginal Anglican Church Ministry in Gippsland. 

On at least two occasions negative comments are made about the Aboriginal ministries undertaken within this Anglican Church in Gippsland under the leadership of Bishop John McIntyre. 

Contrary to innuendos expressed in these letters, the indigenous ministries are progressing well and have the full support of our Gippsland Anglican Synod. 

In May 2011, Synod passed the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Peoples Ministry Act. 

As a result the Aboriginal Ministry Committee was established. 

The inaugural Aboriginal Ministry Committee met recently on September 20. 

This has taken time to establish because of regular consultation with the Aboriginal elders in this region. 

Furthermore, the support and training of Aboriginal clergy is progressing well.

 Both our Aboriginal priests are undertaking a certificate three in theology and ministry through Wontulp Bi Buya College in Cairns.

 They travel to Cairns from time to time and have monthly tutorials in Sale under the auspice of Wontulp Bi Buya College.

 We are glad to offer our Delbridge Hall community room at St Paul’s Cathedral for these purposes.

The Aboriginal Ministry Fund has also been in operation for some years, and parishes have been supporting this fund. 

If readers would like to support this ministry or give to this Aboriginal Ministry Fund they might telephone the Anglican Church office on 5144 2044.