Historical memories

A new local publication was launched recently at the Sale library with more than 40 people attending the event.

The book, Sale Cemetery – Historical Memories, details the stories of more than 70 early Sale settlers who are buried in the Sale Cemetery. It also provides details of nine special headstones including vaults, those with foreign inscriptions and a wooden headboard.

The book was launched by Alan MacLachlan, who recently retired from the cemetery trust after 40 years of service.

The book was researched and compiled by the Sale and District Family History Group following a request from the Sale Cemetery Trust.

All the fascinating stories found within relate to early shop owners, pastoralists, religious persons and labourers who lived everything from full and active community lives to sad, early deaths caused by accidents. 

Some prominent early settlers have been purposefully omitted, like Angus McMillan – instead the story of his wife has been included. 

During the course of research, the group stumbled upon an ungazetted cemetery site of the newly formed town of Flooding Creek. 

Snippets of information had hinted at a previous cemetery to the now Maffra Rd site, with references to the “new cemetery” being found in obituaries.

A map was unearthed that showed an unusual shape of un-rated land along the banks of the Flooding Creek. This site runs from Topping St and follows the creek towards Macalister St.

The names of three persons buried there have been found, along with their occupations and years of death. 

There are certain to be others buried at this site, however as no records were kept at that time, there are no other details.

Early next year, a plaque will be unveiled on the site as a permanent memorial to those buried there.

The book is available for purchase from the Family History Group’s rooms in Macalister St, the office of the Sale Cemetery and Collins Booksellers for $25.