Showgrounds are used year-round

I note with interest the letter from Mr. Graeme Horne of Heyfield headed ‘Ideas for Sale’s three lazy assets’ (Gippsland Times 1/1).

Graeme, you need to get your facts straight before you go off ‘half cocked’ and rewrite history. 

The Sale Showgrounds is owned lock, stock and barrel, with clear title, by the Sale and District Agricultural Society, not the Wellington Shire. 

The Sale and District Agricultural Society is more than 150 years old and this year, 2013, will be the 150th Sale Show.

 In fact the Sale Greyhound Club pays an annual lease to the Sale and District Agricultural Society to use their land. 

 In relation to the Sale Showgrounds and your statement that it only gets used once a year — sorry Graeme, wrong again.

The Sale Showgrounds, when not holding one of the most successful and vibrant agricultural shows in the country, is used all year round by various groups and clubs including but not limited to Sale Pony Club, Sale Showjumping Club, Sale Dressage Club and Sale Bridge Club. 

The Seaspray Surf Lifesaving Club stores its row boats in one of the society’s pavilions.  

It is true that the showgrounds is now a licensed caravan park, with the revenue going to the agricultural society to maintain and improve the facility.  

It is another use of the grounds that brings tourists and their cash to Sale and district. 

So next time you are driving to and from your work Graeme, instead of “following the money”, may I suggest you call in to the show grounds, have a look around, speak to one of the volunteer committee members who are there most days doing some type of work, and get a history lesson.