Disillusioned over court process

The court process has finally finished following the burglary of my home last year.

The two males involved are in prison as they were both out on parole when they burgled my home, but one is to be released in the near future.

 The female involved has to just do drug and alcohol screens over the next couple of months and if she gets through that, it’s all over.

My wife sat through all the court sessions as it was adjourned three times.

 It was a real eye opener for her listening to how the lawyers go about their business.

 Her opinion is some are as bad as the people they represent, spending their time trying to get these people back on the streets.

 Perhaps they have never had their houses violated.

As most of these people have Legal Aid, we also pay their wages.

Comments and consideration was made about the age of the female involved.

My wife found this hard to stomach as she was exactly the same age as this girl is now when she lost her mother.

 Being an only child and losing her father years before, her mother’s jewellery, which was stolen, was something she treasured.

After spending four days in court my wife felt sorry for the police getting these cases and people before the courts, just to have lawyers and the system put them back on the streets.

After my original letter to the editor to (Gippsland Times  4/11, 2012) last year, my wife, myself and my staff were amazed at the people that came into my businesses and stopped us in the street to tell us their story when they were burgled.

Some broke down and needed comforting.

Perpetrators of these crimes just don’t realise the effect it has on their victims.

Some just came in to comment on the letter and give their support.

 I don’t think I exaggerate when I say the numbers were in the several hundred. 

In closing, I hope you all have put bits of dowel or locks on your windows and increased your security in some way as this problem will not go away.

Sale is now one of the highest places statistically for burglaries.