Smouldering trees are a hazard

I was delivering hay to victims 12 days after the Aberfeldy-Donnelly fires and was surprised to see big, old gum trees scattered around still burning. 

Some of them, on the side of bitumen roads, (were) left slowly staving out until they fell to their end like banana peels or left standing as a hazard for many decades to come.

Yet, landholders aren’t allowed to cut down a hazardous tree.

In fact, authorities such as DSE often make us feel like fugitives just for wanting to do so.

DSE has the personnel and the equipment, to save these trees.

 It’s called “mopping up”.

Mundane work.

On my way back I drove past the new DSE setup in Heyfield for the first time, and  I nearly fell out of the cab of the truck in awe.

Everybody’s got to look flash these days.