It’s not just about wages

We know this causes inconvenience for families and we take this cause of action with great reluctance. 

Unfortunately, after 17 months of negotiations with the Baillieu government, we still have no new schools agreement.

We pride ourselves on working as a team to give our children the best education we can. 

Teachers, principals and support staff in our schools routinely work well beyond their paid hours to provide a comprehensive educational program for our students.

We are left with no alternative but to take further action.

Teachers at this school were up here for days during the holidays preparing their classrooms for a busy year of learning.

They are often here late after school and often work at home at night preparing their lessons and making teaching resources.

We support all types of extra-curricular activities including school camps, fetes, working bees, concerts and productions. 

All of these involve considerable hours outside of the so-called 38 hour working week and rely on the goodwill of teachers. 

We do it because we are a community school and we know these things are great for our kids.

The state government refuses to invest the money that would allow us to recruit and retain the best teachers, employ support staff to support students and teachers and reduce class sizes. 

It also wants to introduce a performance pay system that would destroy the teamwork so vital to effective education.

This campaign is not just about our wages and conditions.

School staff want to be treated fairly and with respect for the important work we do.

We want schools to be adequately funded to ensure that our children, regardless of their family background or economic circumstances, have the best possible resources and valued staff to support quality learning.Our school will be closed on Thursday, February 14.

We are standing up for public education and we are determined to do everything it takes to ensure the best teaching and learning outcomes for our students.

They deserve nothing less.