Questions over gas plant approval

A few nights ago I looked up at the stars; it was a beautiful clear night, dark, no moon, which showed the stars so clearly.

It made me think how stupid we humans are as a species.

Up till now scientists haven’t been able to discover life forms like ours on other planets, we seem to be a giant ball lucky enough to sustain life in millions of diverse forms. But sadly we seem to be flippantly throwing that luck away.

Scientists around the world have been telling us for years now to curb our glutinous reliance on fossil fuels, have we listened?

It’s as if a huge meteorite was heading for earth, the only planet incidentally that we have, and we all partied just before it hit.

Then why in God’s name did the Wellington Shire Council planning office approve a planning permit by Esso for the construction of a gas conditioning plant at Longford. As I understand it, councillors were not involved in the process that was carried out last Friday behind closed doors.

The councillors are elected by us and for us as our voice to the council but when it comes down to big business, game over, it’s easier to let us the community down than fight the deep pockets of the likes of Esso.

This conditioning plant will be taking CO2 and mercury out of dirty gas taken from off shore, every so often waste will be transported by truck to another site, which seems precarious to me.

But the question that I would like answered is why are they taking dirty gas out anyway, have they run out of clean gas?

I did ask one of the Environmental Protection Authority representatives at the Longford meeting, “would he feel comfortable about his family living next door?” He declined to answer.

And the deafening silence of the likes of our local member Peter Ryan, who seems to think that climate change is just another leftist conspiracy theory.

Then why has the fragile giant kelp forests off the south-east coast of Australia, in the very region of most of our off shore mining activity, diminished so dramatically over the same 30-odd years that the water temperature as risen 1.5 degrees?

Some pollies seem to think conveniently that global warming isn’t man made, which makes it okay to keep plundering, the business as usual syndrome I call it.

Sorry for my scepticism, but I think this conditioning plant is just paving the way for coal seam gas exploration in Gippsland.

I hope the council has assurances that if we are to have a carbon neutral Australia, we will need to close one of our coal powered power stations to accommodate for this new dirty gas conditioning plant.