Relay For Life thanks

On behalf of the Cancer Council of Victoria and the Wellington Relay for Life committee, I would like to express a huge and sincere thank you to all locals instrumental in making the 2013 Wellington Relay For Life a wonderful success.

The 20-hour event held on the weekend of March 23 and 24 is testament to the generosity of people within our community, as well as the great willingness they have to actually make a concrete effort in working towards one day our society becoming cancer free.

I thank all those who formed the 50 teams that camped at the Sale Greyhound Club overnight and participated in the twenty hours of walking as a community around the greyhound track.

I thank these teams for all their many and varied activities all aimed at raising funds for the Cancer Council of Victoria and its dedicated work of cancer research, cancer education and its support services for individuals and families currently undergoing cancer treatment.

I thank all those who supported these teams in their fundraising efforts in the months leading up to the event.

This may simply entail purchasing raffle tickets, attending organized activities or outright donations.

Without this support the success of this community event would not be as great as it is.

I thank the local businesses, which in a variety of ways supported the committee and the teams in their endeavours.

I hope those who participated in the event will show their support for those businesses, which were acknowledged in the Relay For Life program, as a practical acknowledgment of their generosity.

All these local businesses participated freely and gladly and it is a great credit to them all.

To the local entertainers who gave of their talents free of charge your generosity and talents were highly appreciated and certainly help to make the event a great festive event.

The Relay For Life committee would especially like to acknowledge the tremendous ongoing support of the committee of the Sale Greyhound Club and in particular, Peter Johnston, for its continued assistance and generosity.

Without its time and willingness to help this Cancer Council of Victoria’s fundraising event would not be what it is.

The final financial amount raised by our 50 teams, and the wider community, is not yet finalised, as late money is still being banked.

The committee will publish this amazing result in the Gippsland Times when they become known.