Power, rail and gay marriage

I must take up my pen to mark some comments about the letters to the editor (Gippsland Times  30/4).

If Dawn Stubbs looked about her own house, she would see that our whole present existence is dependant on power.

Without it, we would be sitting naked around a campfire eating half-cooked kangaroo.

I don’t consider myself greedy in my use of power; I am grateful to be able to live in comfort.

The Latrobe Valley power stations may be somewhat grubby, but they have given us all good service for many years and deserve thanks rather than criticism.

David Crouch is quite right about our rusty train line.

Apparently V/Line is waiting for some huge machine to come from Western Australia to fix it, and there has been a further delay because said machine does not fit our Victorian rail gauge.

This does show an astonishing lack of forward planning.

Whether an ulterior motive is involved is a matter for speculation.

One really would think that some well-placed sandblasting would have done the job by now.

Nadine DeGroot asks for compassion for so-called “gay” marriage.

My objection to it is purely on the grounds of the definition of marriage in the Oxford English Dictionary, which states: “Marriage — condition of man and woman legally united for the purpose of living together and usually procreating lawful offspring etc”.

The attitude towards homosexuals has come a long way since Hitler put them in his gas chambers, thankfully so.

Personally, I really do not care about what other people do about their sex lives, but I find these strident demands for the “right to marry” rather disturbing.

For this I am called, in Nadine’s latter, blind, ignorant and homophobic, that is “have a (morbid) fear or aversion to homosexuals”.

Nadine, where is your compassion for people who don’t agree with you?