Saleyards money could have been better spent

Where was the community consultation before the purchase of land in Hopkins Lane, Fulham, for new saleyards? 

According to a recent Gippsland Times article there were disagreements, including objections from parts of the farming community — the very people the sale yards were supposed to serve.

Wellington Shire Council is struggling to pay the multi-million dollar price tag and objections from the farming community over the appropriateness of the project has led to it failing to advance.

The multi-million dollar amount could have been spent (with community backing) on mitigating Port Albert by extending the sea wall, providing a replacement caravan park and possibly even some much-needed infrastructure in Port Albert.

 I am sure other communities are also in need of money for infrastructure, and so on.

Had this fiasco been logically thought through, then perhaps there would be no need for the ratepayers to borrow an extra $10.3 million as per this year’s budget.

There is also the ill-conceived idea to relocate the Sale library and art centre at a cost of $5 million to allow more accommodation for even more council staff which in turn will increase Wellington Shire Council’s $3 million unfunded superannuation liability.

This should give Wellington Shire ratepayers something to think about when paying the extra 6.3 per cent increase in their rates.