CWA group calls to save Bundy Hall

IF you drive to and from Sale and Maffra you pass through the farming community of Bundalaguah.

A central part of that community is the Bundalaguah Hall, venue to parties, wedding receptions, wakes, kitchen teas, bush dances, line dancing and many other activities over the years.

Now the Wellington Shire, in its wisdom, has put the long term future of the hall under threat of demolition — all for the sake of some repairs.

While the shire has many calls on its finances, surely there would be room in the new budget for the small amount funding required to make the necessary repairs, thereby allowing the hall to open again and continue to function.

The hall has been home to the Bundalaguah CWA for more than 39 years.

We are a group of 30 ladies and since July 2012 we have been in temporary accommodation while the shire comes to a decision.

We as a group miss being able to use the hall and urge the shire to look favourably on funding the repairs and allowing the hall to be open for use again.