Dan Murphy’s ‘equivalent to 10 bottle shops’

REPRESENTING Woolworths, Jeremy Gobbo QC and his expert witnesses on liquor licencing, traffic and planning issues, did not seem to have any comprehension of consideration of the local issues that would affect the community of Sale if they were successful in establishing a Dan Murphy’s liquor store in Sale.

If a Dan Murphy’s liquor barn was to set up in Sale, its retail flood space will more than double the total floor space of the current retail outlets such as the two BWS stores, Aldi, Thirsty Camel, IGA, Liquorland, Star Hotel bottle shop, Foodworks and Dawson St Liquor.

This would be the equivalent of opening 10 new bottle shops in Sale overnight.

We sincerely hope Planning Panels Victoria takes into consideration this important fact, along with:

Liquor licence saturation and fair trade (Dan Murphy’s selling below cost liquor to squeeze out small family-operated business);

The cumulative impact; with reference to VictorianGovernment Guidelines of Planning Practice note 66;

Traffic congestion at an already busy and dangerous intersection, including deliveries in Cunninghame St, which will require vehicles to reverse into a loading dock, blocking access to ambulance emergency calls, and;

Consideration of the impact doubling liquor retail overnight will have on the community and consequent bearing on local business who currently give generous support to local clubs, schools and other community organisations.

Coles ($2.8 billion liquor sale) and Woolworths ($5.9 billion) dominate liquor retailing in Australia.

When one or two retailers have an overwhelming controlling market share, “big” business power will be yielded, leading to price controlling.

The increasing national dominance Woolworths Liquor, BWS and Dan Murphy’s combined outlets are amassing will lead to “no mercy” being afforded to small local family community operated business.

Sale will not benefit by a national chain taking money from our local community and sending it to head office.

Local businesses support local people.