Marriage and children involve sacrifice

NADINE DeGroot (Gippsland Times 30/4) appears to have a rose coloured view of marriage.

She insists on “people’s right to get married”, but is silent about the associated responsibility and call for sacrifice.

For example, to what extent is one’s right to a sound sleep to be balanced with the responsibility to a colicky child in the wee hours of the morning?

Or the right to the latest and the smartest, to be balanced with the responsibility to balance the family budget?

Or the right to high achieving children, to the responsibility to pick them up when they stumble?

So the answer to Nadine’s question “Does it matter if [marriage] is between a man and a woman?” is clearly, yes it does.

For marriage is essentially about handing on life; and this calls for the joint efforts of a man and a woman.

In short, marriage is a creature of our very nature.

The law can support and protect the rights and responsibilities flowing from our human nature.

The law cannot re-define this nature.