Support sought to save Bundy Hall

RECENTLY we were surprised to learn that the Wellington Shire Council is considering the closure of the Bundalaguah-Myrtlebank Hall.

Serving a district which included many soldiersettlers, this hall opened in 1954, with extensions in 1960.

Whilst a government grant was secured through a supportive Maffra Shire Council, the story of this hall is an object lesson in the amazing ability of a small community to achieve remarkable things.

This hall would never have eventuated without the dedicated effort and generosity of an entire district, with the local Country Women’s Association taking a leading role.

Euchre nights, film screenings, socials, fairs, street stalls, square dancing events, subscriptions and gifts — its genesis is a classic example of the power of community spirit in action.

The hall served its residents well for many years.

Of recent times the patronage has waned, though it is still in regular use for CWA functions, line dancing, family celebrations, book fairs and meetings.

It remains a community asset ,and apart from the need for electrical re-wiring, it is in good order inside and out.

The hall is an ideal, affordable locale for small events, as it is so close to Sale, and Maffra as well as its immediate communities.

It provides ample off-road car parking and has disabled access.

It is good that the district is rallying behind the hall, and that groups as diverse as devotees of tai chi, blues music, tap dancing, yoga and crafts are interested in utilising its facilities.

We urge all to come to the rescue of the Bundalaguah-Myrtlebank Hall.