Urging people to sign hall petition

THE residents of the Bundalaguah area are fighting to save the Bundalaguah and Myrtlebank Hall from permanent closure.

The work required to save it is relatively small, yet the Wellington Shire Council, which actually owns the hall, is reluctant to have the work required carried out, largely on the grounds that, because people have access to halls in Maffra or Sale, there is no need to maintain the Bundalaguah Hall.

But the hall is central to Maffra, Stratford and Sale, so provides a convenient meeting point for people in the entire district.

In addition, the cost of renting of the hall is very low in comparison to the cost of facilities in the larger centres, and thus provides a facility which smaller groups can afford to use.

The hall has a good dance floor and also has large surroundings suitable for outdoor uses such as a market.

Copies of a petition asking the Wellington Shire Council to carry out the necessary work are available for signing at in Sale at Jen’s, Flowers and Gippsland Trophy Shop, in Maffra at Maffra Newsagency and Hawkin’s Furniture Store and in Stratford at the Stratford Newsagency.

I urge everybody to sign the petition so that we save this valuable community asset.