Dan Murphy’s plans for Sale concerning

I HAVE read with interest the presentation by the Wellington Liquor Accord group of hotels and clubs to the independent planning panel which sat on April 3, in which it listed its objections to the proposed Dan Murphy’s liquor outlet.

A copy of the objection was also mailed to Wellington Shire Council and to all councillors.

In their presentation, accord members outlined some very, in my opinion, important items of interest that require serious moral consideration by both the independent planning panel and the councillors of the Wellington Shire.

Copies of the presentation are available at hotel and club members of the Wellington Liquor Accord in Sale, Maffra, Heyfield, Stratford, Briagolong and Loch Sport.

It is in the interests of all residents in Sale and surrounding areas who belong to senior and junior sporting clubs that have received sponsorship and community assistance from these businesses to read the submission and ascertain for themselves the impact that a huge liquor barn that doubles the floor space of all existing outlets in Sale combined will have on the community when the ability to finance that assistance and sponsorship dissipates.