Road work speed signs are ignored

AS the roadworks appear to be reaching a conclusion, may I ask if any of your readers can assist me to obtain one of the ‘fast’ driving licences?

My new car, with cruise control set at the works speed limit, quickly has us at the head of a stream of traffic while those before us have disappeared into the distance.

I note also those expert drivers who with their ‘P’ for perfect red and green stickers feel safe in overtaking me when there are signs that say ‘no overtaking’.

Mind you, these drivers are given an example by the two particular Wellington Shire Council vehicles.

No doubt the urgency of their mission warranted passing me.

Another class of urgent driver is the road building contractors’ vehicles, none of whom seem to

understand the speed limit signs.

Might one be forgiven for wondering why speed signs are shown when so few of us take any notice of them?