Rising crime rates cause for concern

THE Victorian Liberal-National government’s tough on crime stance and a promise to the Sale community to reduce crime rates is in tatters with the latest statistics showing crime has continued to rise at an alarming rate under this government.

The Napthine government has managed to unravel 10 years of reduced crime rates under Labor in only two years and at the same time has cut the Victoria Police budget by $65 million and slashed 350 staff from Victoria Police.

The Sale crime statistics reveal total crime jumped 28.2 per cent, with assaults including family violence leaping 42.8 per cent, residential burglary 38.2, crime against the person jumped 31.3 per cent, theft from motor vehicles jumped 37.1 per cent and other crimes up 53.1 per cent.

These figures show what happens when you ignore the causes of crime, fail to put in any measures to prevent crime and cut Victoria Police frontline services and budgets.

New Premier Denis Napthine has to answer for this jump as a senior member of the former Ted Baillieu government.

The government may have changed leader but the leopard has not changed its spots.

The Napthine government and in particular former Police Minister Peter Ryan has been too absorbed in their own leadership and internal office crises rather than dealing with these serious issues confronting the Sale community on a daily basis.

The Sale community have every right to be concerned at the rising crime rates and should be demanding answers from the Napthine-Ryan government and in particular their local member of parliament, Peter Ryan.