Concerns about CSG exploration and fracking

I AM a student at Seaspray Primary.

I am writing this letter in the hope that with the help of all of Gippsland we can stop coal seam gas and tight gas from being fracked in Seaspray.

Over the past few weeks people have started testing for gas.

There have been lots of trucks in the paddock across the road from my school.

We can see the flames.

This is not good for student and teachers’ health.

Fracking pollutes our air and aquifers.

Seaspray is a beautiful happy little town and the testing for gas is disturbing our community.

We are trying our best to stop them from fracking, but the miners are managing to slip under the radar.

They are going to destroy our beautiful town with chemicals.

I don’t understand why they have to risk our soil and water from fracking gas just for money.

No one asked if we wanted coal seam gas and tight gas companies in our town.

So can you please publish my letter so all of Gippsland can help by signing a petition to stop them fracking.

Editor’s note: While gas exploration is currently under way in Seaspray, no fracking is currently taking place. The state government has placed a moratorium on coal seam gas mining until a decision is made on whether to add to regulations set out in the national framework.