State’s huge investment into policing

LABOR spokesperson Jacinta Allan’s wild claims cannot go uncorrected.

The Liberal Nationals government is delivering some 25 new police in the Wellington and East Gippsland regions, as part of 1700 new police across Victoria.

This is the biggest increase in police numbers ever seen in our state in a single term of any government.

As this massive increase in frontline officers occurs, we can expect more crime to be detected and so be reflected in the crime statistics.

We are also investing $18.2 million in the new Sale Police Station — $2.9 million for the land and $15.3 million for construction.

The current station was built in 1976 and was on a Labor government list for replacement during Labor’s 11 years of government, but was overlooked year after year.

As the people of Sale well remember, Labor’s solution to the fact Sale’s 63 police were crowded into a station which had been intended for only 41 officers was to transport an ageing portable building from Loch Sport and dump it in the Sale Police Station carpark.

When I was the Shadow Minister for Police in Opposition, I called for a new police station for Sale, and in government, I have delivered it.

As Labor well knows, Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Lucinda Nolan has said an increase in the reporting of family violence is a major factor driving an increase in reported crime.

The Coalition government has invested tens of millions of dollars into increasing the rates of reporting family violence, a crime which has historically gone under the radar.

This means our actions are bringing the statistics closer to the reality as there are less family violence incidents going unreported.

The Coalition government is proud of the police initiative resulting in increased reporting of family violence.

The fact Ms Allan and Labor use the expected rise in crime statistics as a political tool — rather than adopt a bipartisan approach to this crucial issue — is a sad reflection of how desperate Labor have become.

They place political points ahead of good community outcomes.

We will continue to resource our police to the maximum extent possible, to best ensure that our hard working and committed police officers can continue to undertake their vital work on behalf of our community.