Wrong site for ambulance station?

I READ with great concern the article regarding a proposed site for Maffra Ambulance Station and the fears of the enterprising Gippsland Vehicle Collection Committee (Gippsland Times 31/5).

I saw that the committee, in a discussion at a public venue last week, is perplexed about their situation.

They have since instituted a petition locally.

In my unabashed support of what Maffra has achieved within my lifetime, I understood that one of our shortcomings was the lack of an attraction to entice visitors.

The Maffra Shed is now the number one destination for day trippers to our shire and their feature days are vital to that statistic.

The proposed ambulance complex will effectively ruin the visual appeal of the museum.

A modern office complex would be completely at odds with what hundreds of volunteers have made happen to a previously derelict building.

The committee and Maffra deserve the intervention all our local members, Liberal, National and Labor, to fix this.