The case for the ‘no’ vote

I WOULD like to give acknowledgement to the views expressed by Ken Anderson  on the upcoming referendum my views are however respectfully different.

The referendum put to the people in 1988 Constitution Alteration (local government), resulted in a resounding vote of “no” by the people of Australia.

A number of legislative moves by successive governments since has completely ignored the vote of the people and introduced a number of acts into parliament, such as the Local Government Act 1989 in contempt of the Australian people.

You simply have to question whether a Federal Government, that has pledged more than $10 million dollars of taxpayers money to “yes” campaigns yet only $500,000 to vote “no”, and Victorian local councils that are pledging $1 million dollars of ratepayers money to “yes” campaigns, are doing so in the best interests of the people?

It should be noted that the previous republic referendum in 1999 received equal financial backing for both “yes” and “no” campaigns.

Ask yourself do we really need a third level of government?

Do we want to risk allowing puppets of political parties being elected to positions of local council making decisions based on their own interests and not those of the community?

Don’t be fooled by glossy advertising campaigns, I will be using my right to vote and I will be voting a resounding “NO”.