Referendum not a dastardly plot to seize control

MR Philip Davis asserts the referendum to recognise local government in our Constitution is some sort of dastardly plot by Labor to seize control of council purse strings (Gippsland Times 2/7).

One is forced to ask why then, Tony Abbott, as leader of the Coalition, has expressed in principle support for the yes case?

Does Mr Davis think that the Coalition has become a Labor stalking horse?

Mr Davis’ contention is shown to be an absurd one by virtue of the fact that the Australian Local Government Association, the body representing 560 councils across Australia, is firmly in favour of a yes vote.

It flies in the face of reason to suggest that its members would campaign for something which would give Canberra the purse strings of local government.

Let us firmly reject the petty state versus federal nonsense and vote yes for our nation.