Vote no in the referendum: Davis

OPPOSITION Leader Tony Abbott has hit the mark with his comments on the referendum.

“If you don’t understand it, don’t vote for it.

“If you’re not fully persuaded, don’t vote for it because our Constitution is far too important to be trifled with,” Mr Abbott said.

The referendum was to coincide with the federal election, but the change in Labor leadership means that there is no firm date for either at this stage.

As a nation we have had to endure the train wreck that is the federal Labor Party and now we are being asked to change the Constitution to give Canberra more power.

Canberra wants to control the purse strings of local councils, doing away with the pesky states and all their checks and balances of transparency and accountability.

Furthermore, the entire debate has been corrupted with the federal government allocating 20 times more funding to the yes case than the no case.

With bipartisan support for the referendum now in doubt, the only option for Prime Minister Kevin Rudd is to scrap the referendum altogether.