Enough liquor outlets already in Sale

I AM writing to register my concerns regarding the granting of a new liquor licence and premise in Cunninghame St, Sale.

Let me state from the outset that I am a resident of Cunninghame St, but I am concerned about a new liquor outlet regardless of its position for two reasons.

Firstly, I’m concerned about the effect another liquor outlet will have on Sale as a community.

I work as an outreach registered community health nurse directly supporting the homeless and disadvantaged community.

My work connects me with the corrosive effect of alcohol misuse on all levels of society.

There is no shortage of information regarding the effect of cheap liquor outlets on individuals, families and the wider community.

Do we need another cheap alcohol outlet in Sale?

We have many disadvantaged families and individuals in this area.

The local community agencies can give you detailed figures on the increase in people seeking help financially to feed and clothe their families.

There is evidence regarding an increasing number of families unable to afford heating and other basic necessities.

There are studies that will show the increase of people suffering need goes up in direct relationship to the increase of cheaply available alcohol.

Other effects regarding an increase in alcohol outlets listed in studies include an increase in violent behaviours, property damage and littering.

In my case, I already experience these things regularly, especially on a Friday and Saturday night.

Every weekend involves groups of intoxicated people passing my home yelling and calling out into the small hours of the night.

I have cans, bottles and other rubbish left in my driveway, garden and nature strip.

I witness fights and intimidating behaviour most weekend nights.

My second concern is the position of the proposed outlet.

I realise that the outlet is retail and not a place to consume alcohol, but it is an outlet close to residential areas.

There are already several retail alcohol outlets in the same street as the proposed Dan Murphy’s.

These outlets provide alcohol cheaply and for many this facilitates “pre-loading”, as people consume cheap alcohol before going on to licensed premises, continuing to drink and possibly buy more on their way home.

The resultant effect is gross intoxication, not only a problem for society and local residents, but also for the person involved.

The increase in traffic in what is already a congested intersection will also be a problem.

I imagine this is a concern for the ambulance service, which will be a direct neighbour of the new Dan Murphy’s.

I am opposed to the granting of the license to Dan Murphy’s not only for my personal reasons, but also for my concerns for Sale in general.

We are a small town, we have plenty of places already to buy alcohol, we should be caring for the vulnerable and we should be caring for Sale.