Exports will push up our gas prices

I CAN’T understand why people in Lakes Entrance and Orbost are so keen to hook up to natural gas, when in just two years’ time, gas prices will probably double or even triple, when Australia starts exporting natural gas from Queensland.

How do we know this is the case?

Why none other than the head of Lakes Oil, Robert Annells told us so on the WIN TV news on May 14 when he intimated that his company and Origin and Exxon etc must sell to the highest bidder to maximise returns to investors.

In other words, Australians must pay world parity prices once we start exporting gas overseas.

Of course the rush to export is going to cause a totally artificial shortage of supply in Australia, benefiting no one except the gas producers.

Undoubtedly our fossil fuel-bedazzled Napthine Government and gas drillers will use this as an excuse to promote the spread of coal seam gas and other unconventional gas extraction across Gippsland’s fertile farmland.

Never mind the environmental and health issues as well as the long term contamination of the aquifers and water supplies causing the loss of Gippsland’s commercial advantage of food produced in a clean, green environment.

Consumers should stick to efficient electrical appliances such as reverse cycle air condtioners and install solar panels to minimise their energy expenses and landholders should Google the short documentary ‘Gippsland is Precious’ to see how to protect their land from CSG miners.

If you feel angry every time you see that smarmy young guy on television telling us “Natural Gas. Make the Connection”, then you have suddenly realised that you are being ambushed by the gas industry and the state government.

It’s one mental connection I urge you to make.