No cash for councils from referendum

LOCALS councils throughout Australia are being duped into believing that funding will flow from Canberra following the referendum.

The explanatory memorandum to the federal government’s own bill on the referendum states “the proposed constitutional alteration would have no financial impact”.

Given repeated federal budget deficits where would additional money for local councils come from?

There are no rivers of gold, only fool’s gold.

We should leave the Australian Constitution alone and preserve our federal system of government.

Under our current system funding from Canberra is passed down to the states, which manage the distribution of funds based on geographic and demographic considerations with proper transparency and oversight.

The Federal Government can and does fund local councils directly.

Already Victorian councils receive $100 million a year directly from Canberra and this is not at risk.

Funding such as the federal government’s Roads to Recovery program is not at risk.

Vote no to Labor at the federal election. Vote no to the referendum.