Council like ‘a scene from a Roman court’


ANYONE who attended the Wellington Shire Council meeting last Tuesday would have been appalled.

It was like a scene from a Roman court where the peasants had to beg and plead to be spared.

First there was the Bundalaguah Hall commitee pleading for its hall to be spared.

Then the residents of McLoughlins Beach who pleaded to the council to not approve the construction of a 40 metre high NBN tower in their town.

The residents of Parrats Rd, Yarram, also begged the council to not approve another NBN tower near their homes.

Let’s not forget the citizens who pleaded to the council to not approve another liquor outlet (Dan Murphy’s) in Sale on Cunninghame St.

What about the residents of Longford whose countryside will be further industrialised by the expansion of the Longford Gas conditioning plant approved by the shire?

Don’t forget the farmers and residents from all over the shire and Gippsland who have pleaded for the council to motion against coal seam gas mining.

It appears that if you’re not a multi-million dollar business with political connections, you have to be down on your knees to be heard around here.