Our councillors are elected to make decisions


I READ with amusement a resident from Wurruk complaining about a number of decisions made by council.

In a democracy, surely an elected group has the right to make judgement on the agenda as presented to it.

As citizens we will not always agree, but that is why we have elections.

The time to show your opinion is at election time, or better still, put your name forward as a candidate.

You do not require to belong to big business or have political connections to be an elected member of local government.

It was John F. Kennedy who stated that the best decision in the world will have 25 per cent of the people critical of your proposal.

Communication towers have to be placed somewhere and gas plants have to expand.

The one thing that Victoria and Gippsland in particular has, is the ability to produce low cost electricity.

If you believe that in the foreseeable future we can supply industry with low cost energy using solar and wind power, you have not done the sums.

I have installed solar, but it is not the answer to large energy requirements.

This is why we should be looking seriously at the exploration program to test the viability of the extraction of gas from the large seams of brown coal that extend in our region; much better than digging great holes in the ground.

That does not mean we do it irresponsibility.

At the present time thousands of farmers in Queensland have signed up to agree to up to 30,000 wells.

The excess water is being treated by the reverse osmosis method and returned to the river systems.

They can’t all be wrong.

Our grandchildren will require low cost energy in the coming years.

Nuclear is one of the answers, but not politically accepted at the present time.

So gas is the answer for our generation if we want to remain competitive and warm on these cold winter days.