Walking has lots of health benefits


AS Wellington Shire Council supports a policy which encourages walking and cycling as a way to improve the health of its population, it would be helpful to know what some of these benefits may be.

Let’s look at walking.

It has been proven that regular walking assists in the loss of body fat and helps maintain a healthy body weight.

It decreases the threat of heart disease.

Routine walking can reduce the risk of osteoporosis and aid in strengthening bones.

Improved fitness flows on to strengthening the immune system and walking can influence the reduction of joint and muscular pain.

It aids in the reduction of hypertension and gives a fulfilling social benefit when walking with others.

More detailed and helpful information about these can be found in libraries, medical centres, bookstores and extensively on the internet.

It is important to ensure the information is reliable however by looking for consistency in what is presented.

Should there be any existing personal impairments, it is important to seek medical advice before walking with any intensity.

The shire provides an effective service known as the “customer action request” to rectify any problems encountered when walking on footpaths, through parklands or any other shire infrastructures.

Simply phone the shire, use the service provided through the shire website or visit the shire office to report the issue.

In essence, the most important thing to remember is that to do nothing is to potentially let our health deteriorate.

Our own welfare is in our own hands.

Let’s walk.