Muddy life in Sale 150 years ago


ONE hundred and fifty years ago, Raymond St was an impassable quagmire, the consequence of wet years and an unmade street.

These were the times of the Gippsland gold rushes, when the township was undergoing a growth spurt.

The solution was self-help.

With a campaign led by the Gippsland Times, local government was achieved in the form of the Borough of Sale.

Using horse teams, the council formed Raymond St, cut drains and the townsfolk stowed away their galoshes.

Thus local government began its historic role of making the town liveable.

The proclamation of the Borough of Sale in 1863 has been celebrated over the years: the golden jubilee (50 years) with the construction of the band rotunda in Victoria Park, the centenary with the Gippsland Panorama mosaic in the foyer of the former council chambers in Macalister St; the 125th anniversary with a dinner at the Club Hotel.

This year, the 150th year, the Sale Historical Society has mounted an exhibition of local government in the museum, Foster St, the original home of the Borough of Sale.

This exhibition has been prepared by Cathy Smith, with the backing of the Wellington Shire Council.

I commend it to you all.