Education on climate needed


EDUCATION is a fascinating subject.

So rewarding when one sees the rate of learning and acceptance of knowledge in junior education.

But as we grow older and formulate our own ideas and opinions, education can become somewhat tedious, sometimes impossible.

Take for instance trying to convert a middle age person to another religion or trying to educate a right wing voter to the left?

Early astronomers had a tough time convincing humanity that the earth was round and it circumnavigated the sun.

Even in these modern times it appears difficult for people to understand that emitting 90 million tons of CO2 into the atmosphere everyday is changing it’s chemical composition and affecting our climate (Scientists now refer to these denialists as ‘flat earthers’).

To prevent two degrees of warming in the atmosphere, humanity must limit it’s carbon emissions to less that 565 Giga Tonnes of CO2.

Unfortunately, the fossil fuel industry has in its possession, on the stock exchange, already paid for, 2795 Giga Tonnes five times the safe limit.

With all that wealth, they now control our political leaders and shape nations as they please.

We elected our councillors because we thought they would consult us and represent us, not the giant corporations.

Unfortunately democracy and capitalism have proved not able to coexist and we are witnessing that truth right here in front of us.