Labor hypocrisy on health service


I WRITE to highlight the hypocrisy of the Labor Party, at both the state and federal levels.

While very quick to call for greater health funding, Labor politicians are predictably silent on the financial impact of their carbon tax on our hospitals.

Here in Sale the federal Labor government’s carbon tax cost Central Gippsland Health Service $146,632 in additional energy costs over 12 months.

A detailed analysis of energy bills has revealed that all Victorian public hospitals collectively paid $13.5 million extra for energy due to the carbon tax.

The $146,632 paid by Central Gippsland Health Service represented 15 per cent of its total energy bill.

Across Victoria the carbon tax accounted for 15 per cent of energy costs across the health system and represents an additional slug on Victorian patients.

The federal Labor government’s carbon tax means Central Gippsland Health Service had to spend more money on power bills, money that would otherwise have been spent on patient care.

This additional cost comes at a time when Labor has already ripped $586,000 from promised funding for Central Gippsland Health Service during 2013-14 because of its dodgy use of population statistics.

Readers will of course see through Federal Labor’s cynical renaming of the carbon tax, a tax for which not one of us voted.

Given Labor had no mandate for the tax, something Mr Rudd has admitted, it should commit to proper compensation for our health services so they can treat more patients instead of paying inflated energy bills.

While the Victorian Coalition government has a range of initiatives underway to improve energy efficiency and reduce the carbon intensity of the public healthcare system, a level of energy will always be required to operate our hospitals safely.

By subjecting this energy use to a carbon tax, federal Labor is in effect taxing health care.

Labor MPs across Australia should be ashamed of this fact and of their silence on the subject.