Your Senate vote matters


AS we (thankfully) near the end of the most boring election campaign ever, it is worth considering how your vote can be used strategically.

Think about how often either would-be Prime Minister, or the major media outlets, has mentioned the word rural?

I’m heartily sick of hearing politicians endlessly blathering about the needs of focus groups in the western suburbs of Sydney and Brisbane.

I want a government which cares about my community, and the future of all Australians; a government that has a vision beyond the next three years!

For the many of us, for whom the phrase ‘a pox on both their houses’, pretty much sums it up, try gifting your $2.48, for your first preference vote, to neither major party!

Then, put more thought into ensuring our senate keeps a check on any silly decisions of a lower house, which may harm our rural communities.

In the senate, I will be voting below the line, to make sure my preferences go to parties I approve of.

Voting 1 above the line means that your vote is handed, to the faceless backroom apparachiks, who put your vote, where ever it will benefit them most.

Unfortunately, we don’t always know which bottom dwellers they have done deals with.

We live in a safe seat, that gets much less government attention than a marginal seat.

We need to think strategically, to gain some say in matters of national importance.

So make sure, Victoria, at least, has a real voice in the senate, to hold those northern, swinging, suburban, seats, to account.