Entertainment idea for Sale Mall area


NOW that the beautiful and welcoming Sale Mall work has been completed, and in light of some recent comments in the Gippsland Times regarding a lack of activity or entertainment in the mall, I’d like to float this idea which I have named, ‘The Pop Up Piano’.

Having seen a variation on my idea in several cities in Europe, I believe the following concept would work extremely well in the mall and hopefully provide some unobtrusive,but pleasant entertainment on those lovely days when so many of our residents may be out shopping, having a coffee or taking a lunch break.

On those beautiful days we can have all year round in Sale, I’d love to be able to have available a piano a proper piano, not an electric one stored somewhere close by to the mall, and played perhaps for an hour or two maximum just providing some light, non-dominating music for people to enjoy, perhaps between 11.30 and 1.30 or similar.?

I would like to compile a list of pianists who might be interested in playing on different days and when time and weather suited, just providing some varied light piano music.

I have seen this overseas and it is amazing how much pleasure the music provides for locals and visitors who will stop and enjoy before moving on with their shopping or business.

The two main hurdles at this stage as I see it are:

Buying or borrowing a second hand piano of reasonable quality that can be used for this purpose; and

Having a storage location close to the mall to enable easy wheeling out of the piano.

I would be pleased if anyone who could assist with the storage or obtaining of a piano, as well as interested pianists, to phone me on 5144 3569 to see if this idea could come to fruition and provide some activity and entertainment in our lovely mall.